Saturday, April 28, 2012

date day with hubby :)

So last Friday my hubby took a day off of work and we got to spend the whole day together. What a treat to spend a day together during the week.

We started our morning with some iced coffee from our favorite place - Starbucks of course!

Then we headed over to my cousin's bakery, Sweet 'N Sinful, in Avondale Estates for a treat. This is what we found:

Yes, that is a brownie. And yes, that is bacon. And boy was it good. You should go get one!

So next we headed to Southern Belle Farm in McDonough for some strawberry picking. 

Best decision we ever made. I mean LOOK at these beautiful pieces of fruit. This picture really doesn't even do it justice. They were the prettiest color red.

We picked a whole gallon and they were gone within the week.

Then we headed home, freshened up and headed out for dinner. We tried a new seafood restaurant in Decatur called Harbour House and it was delicious. Plus I totally felt like I was sitting at the beach. Awesome.

Then we ended the day here:

We may or may not have eaten the whole dozen of these hot pieces of heaven.

So here is what I did with the strawberries later on that weekend:

Strawberry Honey Jam - recipe found here.

Strawberry Ice Cream - which we shared with our neighbors :)

Now that is a good weekend.